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Financial Alignment Across All Stakeholders, Simultaneously

As a neutral third-party partner, Arbital Health leverages its deep data science framework, advanced platform capabilities, and specialized actuarial expertise to simultaneously support payers, providers, point solutions, employers, and value-based care enablers throughout every stage of risk contracting.

By serving as the unbiased source of truth between every stakeholder in a risk contract, Arbital drives the growth and transformation of value-based care across every disease vertical and line of business. 

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Drive Cost Savings To Expand Your Business

In healthcare, outcomes matter. The disconnect between incentives and outcomes is the biggest challenge facing healthcare today. We are changing that. Our technology and white-glove actuarial services demonstrate value-based care model growth across all lines of business:

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicaid
  • Commercial
  • Employer-Sponsored
  • Accountable Care Organizations

Arbital Health Supports Every Stage of Value-Based Care Risk Contracting

Whether you are entering into your first risk contract, or you have many complex risk contracts in place, our expert actuarial team can simplify and streamline the process so you can focus on what you do best - improving patient care. Through our neutral contract adjudication platform, we enable better design, measurement, and adjudication of outcome-based contracts, making it a seamless experience for all stakeholders. 


Data Acquisition & Management

Ensure quality data acquisition and address any gaps, establishing a reliable data foundation



Opportunity Analysis

Determine accurate performance targets for risk arrangements.


Contract Design

Develop strategies for effective and fair risk contract design, with a focus on measuring real value creation



Interim Adjudication

Track financial performance and utilization on an ongoing basis to align performance expectations before actual contract settlements



Predictive Outreach

Improve financial results through targeted outreach to high-risk members with addressable and avoidable spend



Full Financial Reconciliation

Calculate final outcomes based on contract terms or evaluate return on investment for performance payments


Arbital's support was invaluable in driving our growth trajectory. Their sophisticated analytics and expertise helped us to quantify the savings opportunities for our clients in a meaningful & impactful way.

Every time I talk to anyone on the Arbital team, I get smarter. I learn something new that I didn’t know I needed to know, but now I do. Their support has been invaluable.

Arbital helped us critically think through this important transition. They were key in helping us frame the ROI models that are resonating with our customers and prospects.


Arbital Health Launches Platform for Value-Based Care Adjudication Across Stakeholders

Discover a comprehensive suite of solutions that blends expert actuarial VBC consulting services with cutting-edge technology to manage value-based contracting and adjudication decision making between two or more stakeholders. Our actuarial services provide strategic insights and tech-enabled expert guidance, while our technology solutions provide an ecosystem to connect with other stakeholders neutrally in value-based contract arrangements and adjudication. Together, we support you by navigating the complexities of value-based care contracting and focus on delivering high-quality care.

Group 29

The organization became successful by a willingness to take on complicated and financially uncertain VBC agreements. 


To effectively manage these contracts, the company needed an accurate view of its financial performance, including monthly surplus/deficit reporting, IBNR and overall progress against its VBC agreements. 


Arbital assisted the organization in negotiating and restructuring one-sided VBC contracts, creating fair and sustainable long-term arrangements.


Adjudication Platform


Actuarial Services

Actuarial Services
Adjudication Platform