Who We Serve

Serving Across All Line of Business:
Medicare Advantage  |  Commercial  |  Managed Medicaid


Point Solution Vendors, Accountable Care Organizations, Managed-Services Organizations

Arbital’s actuarially-backed platform & services support the expansion of your organization and increased revenue. We can help you to:

  • Identify the right patients for your intervention or program
  • Set the right price for your risk contract
  • Demonstrate your value in conversations with payers
  • Monitor performance against complex risk contracts in real time
  • Optimize financial performance to increase revenue


Arbital’s platform is your force multiplier. We provide a centralized repository for you to view, manage, and monitor all your VBC contracts. Increase trust and transparency with your Providers, free up internal Medical Economics and Actuarial resources, and streamline your overall VBC measurement workflow so you can focus on what matters most - your members. 

Value Based-Care Enablers

Arbital’s expert actuarial team paired with its advanced platform analytics & capabilities streamlines your workflow and reduces time spent reviewing complex contracts & measuring performance. We support your team with these tasks so you can focus on the clinical and operational aspects that transform the care of your patients:

  • Addressing gaps in data provided by partners
  • Measurement of financial performance in complex risk contracts
  • Monthly surplus/deficit reporting & IBNR
  • Optimal design or restructuring of risk contracts


Arbital’s actuarially-backed platform & services support your team in navigating pain points specific to self-funded employers:

  • Rising health care costs
  • Vendor-specific performance dashboards
  • Management of multiple point solutions
  • Analysis of outcomes to optimize healthcare utilization
  • Connecting employees and dependents with the right programs to optimize success of the holistic benefits and wellness strategy


Ready to Optimize Your Value-Based Care Contracts?